• Yateria Pate

Singing** We-are -fa-mi-ly!!

“I got all my sistas with me”!! La, La, La you know the rest lol. Wow, I was so grateful to God for my booking last weekend, my FIRST big family! A little nervous at first (because although I pull a good act, I’m a bit of a shy person), but this family with their warm hugs, beautiful smiles, and BIG personalities made all my butterflies fly right on by! They welcomed both my husband and I in, and we all had a big oleeee family union but in “PHOTOSHOOT style“ of course!! I’m still so amazed at how tight the bond that was shared between all of them, ( and I’m still shocked about the fact that “grandma“ looked SO YOUNG and gorgeous btw) as soon as she graced our presence and introduced herself my husband and I looked at one another like “GRANDMA“?! P.S. I bet you can’t point her out!! Okayyyy, back to the rest.. the chemistry was definitely there, and looking over these photos again!! I can’t help but to smile thinking about how much fun I had

, making big memories with my now big new family!!!


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