• Yateria Pate

"Meet me at the Altar...

Singing*** In your white dress we ain't getting no younger!". OMG! My first engagement shoot, I was beyond nervous and excited for this day. Especially being that the future bride is my friend and co-worker, I wanted to capture their love through the lens, I wanted these memories to be special, lasting for a lifetime, memories that can be shared with their grandkids! Challenging part is, I struggle with posing clients, (whew, trust me it's not as easy as it may seems) . The future Delacruz, was extremely nice! Arriving to the shoot with beautiful smiles, this couple embrace one another with hugs, kisses, hand holding and laughs both on and off camera! Their love is shown throughout the pictures. Even adding Salsa dancing to their shoot, dancing in the middle of the park (without music might I add). It was pretty hot on this day but the sun was on our side giving us just the right amount of light. The best part is that the future bride and groom loved their pictures, and we're in the process of scheduling part two of their shoot... a more formal look. I couldn't be more happier that Cultivating Photography was trusted to be apart of an engagement shoot. Wishing the future Delacruz, much success, love and peace on their journey to forever. " He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord" Proverbs 18:22 #engagementphotography #Dallasphotographer #engagement #dtx #love #wedding #margarethunthillbridge #blog #newblogpost #couplegoals


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