• Yateria Pate

Lynea Du Jour it’s more than just fashion, it’s a LIFESTYLE

This past weekend I received one of the greatest opportunities in my photography career yet...working with founder and girl boss Tori. This project was primarily for revamping her website with new content. This experience was AMAZING to say the least! Arriving to the shoot, Tori greeted me with a smile, while showing me to my designated area for the day and then to an open area where she provided breakfast for her staff... including me, of course! Yum! I was BLOWN AWAY! One thing that stuck out to me was the confident that Tori embrak on me; throughout the shoot she encouraged me to let loose, be myself, and ensuring me that if I do just that... my work would turn out great! Tori encourages women all around her to be their authentic self, while offering fashion on her website in all sizes. Women who shop with Lynea Du Jour are able to receive the confident that is needed

living in world full of “Kim K’s”, it’s so freshing to be around and see real women of all sizes, who are different, and yet they are aware that that’s what makes them so beautiful, and for that we have girlboss Tori to thank.


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