• Yateria Pate

Balenciaga in Black.

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

This weekend, Cultivating Photography was able to witness some of Cristóbal Balenciaga first fashion pieces and oh boy was we in for a treat!! Cristóbal Balenciaga pieces were so beautiful, a fashion icon definitely ahead of his time!! Known and often called “the couturier’s couturier” it amazes me how his pieces and his name is still relevant in today’s society ,”Magan and I arrived at the Kimball Art Museum in black formal gowns, and was asked serveral times “Why were we so dressed up” and we replied, ”To see the great Cristóbal Balenciaga of course”! I mean Hey, Balenciaga is known for making custom pieces for Queen Bey so we had no choice but to show up in “formation”!


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